Hockey Practice Guide provides Hockey Coaches Multi-Station layout drills for hockey practices to maximize hockey player skills and coaching efficiency
Your time as a Hockey Coach is very valuable!  The
majority of you are volunteers who are...
  1. Running from work to the rink
  2. Late because of meetings, travel, traffic, etc.
  3. Lacking time to pre-plan using the web or manuals
We made it simple to arrive at the rink always ready with a
quality hockey practice that provides your hockey players with
the optimum learning environment and great drills.
Hockey Coaches:
Provide your hockey players with...
  • Hockey practices that maximize their
hockey skill development.
  • A quick paced learning environment

Running from place to place does not always allow you...
  • Time to surf the Internet
  • Go through hockey manuals

...Even then you are left with a handful of sheets that need to be
organized and can't be viewed by players on the ice.   

Not only do we provide an easy to use hockey practice:
  • It's portable
  • The drills are organized and structured
  • It's available when you need it
  • Saving you countless hours and money

We designed the hockey drills to...
  • Keep the hockey players active
  • Utilize as much of the hockey ice surface as possible.  

Have you ever watched an inefficient practice...
  • A player skates a drill...
  • Then waits for the rest of the line to finish before coming back the
    other way?  
  • The player skates for 5-10 seconds then stands for 2-4 minutes
    before repeating the drill.

Hockey Practice Guide drill flow is designed to...
  • Maximize activity
  • Minimize standing around.

...The hockey coach and the drill design controls the rest interval not
the hockey players.

If a hockey drill can be designed to run on 3/4 of the ice, we then used
the remaining 1/4 of the ice for 1 or 2 more drill stations.  This allows
for a smaller number of hockey players per drill...
Increasing hockey
player repetition and maximizing ice surface use.

You would not be reading this unless you were a quality hockey coach
looking for ways to assist your hockey players in becoming better
hockey players!...
  • Repetition is the key to mastering any skill including hockey.  
  • With the Hockey Practice Guide we  minimized the amount of time
    players wait in line and maximized the amount of ice surface that is
    being used.  
  • We scaled the hockey drills and the amount of stations used based
    on... Age, ice surface, number of on ice assistants, coach to player

Extremely easy to use...
  1. Determine the hockey drills and the amount of time for each station
  2. Use an erasable marker to capture the plan using the 'Practice
    Plan' page
  3. Optional...Create your own combination using the enclosed
    reusable blank hockey ice surface layout
  4. Pages are arranged by the number of stations from 1 to 6
    depending on the age and 1/2 ice or full ice.
Legend: Simplified to minimize
clutter.  Coaches have the ability to
alter activities.  
Skating flow:
ex. Better players always
face puck transitioning from forward to
backward while skating, etc.
Passing: forehand, backhand, using
skates, etc.
Shooting: wrist, snap, backhand, slap,
with either skate lifted off the ice, etc.
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