Hockey Practice Guide provides Hockey Coaches Multi-Station layout drills for hockey practices to maximize hockey player skills and coaching efficiency
The Water Bottle Bungee
Recover from 100 to over 300 minutes in
extra skill development ice time*
* Based on... 20 to 60, 1 hour practices and savings of 5
minutes per practice.
A unique idea that
saves approximately
5 minutes in a
practice by
eliminating breaks
for water.
Water bottles are not included.  Each package contains 6 Water
Bottle Bungees
Water breaks are critical to make sure the players
However, stopping for water breaks is very
disruptive to the practice flow.

Players may not need the water at the team break
or need water before the team break.

You can't start explaining the next activity until
the last player has had their drink and are paying

With the Water Bottle Bungee your players can get
water when they need it without disrupting the
flow of the practice.  

The Water Bottle Bungee attaches the water bottle
to the hockey glass.  The water bottles can be
positioned at a height to allow any size player
access to water.

Position the water bottles at the start of stations
around the rink's parameter to allow the players to
get a quick drink between repetitions.
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