Hockey Practice Guide provides Hockey Coaches Multi-Station layout drills for hockey practices to maximize hockey player skills and coaching efficiency
Welcome Hockey Coaches...
We have listened to your feedback and have created a
HPG Smartphone App. to Optimize Your Practices.
7 X 24 Real-Time Drill Access
  • In minutes you can create a single or multi-station
    hockey practice [1 to 6 Stations].  
  • Over 2,200 Station layouts available.
  • Simplified drill filtering by:
  • Ice Layout: Full, 1/2 Ice or Both
  • Station Count [1 to 6]
  • Skill level: Mini-Mite to Pro
  • Focus area: Skills, Flow and Situational
  • Drill videos on most of the single station full and 1/2 ice.
  • Share a practice plan with Assistants and Players,
  • Add notes to saved practice plans and share.
  • Set drill time duration.
  • Create a favorites folder of drills to build practice plans.
  • Don't see a favorite drill now you can submit for potential inclusion.
Minimizing Practice Planning Time!
  • Allowing you to use less experienced assistant coaches/ parents.
  • Easy to target specific hockey skill set drills.
  • More hockey skill drill sets addressed in each hockey practice.
Maximizing the Use of Ice Time & Space!
  • Using the entire hockey ice surface effectively with pre-organized drills.
  • Using the entire hockey ice time effectively with scheduled station rotations.
  • Increased hockey player interest & benefit through less 'idle' standing aroud
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Welcome Hockey Coaches...
Hockey Benefits include:
  1. FUN in an organized, structured learning hockey environment.
  2. Maximized ice usage, coaches and player interest.
  3. Giving your hockey team the competitive advantage.
  4. Increased skills development through increased practice drill repetition.
  5. Reduce or Eliminate your White board time.
  6. Recapturing $100s and $1000s per season in idle practice ice time.
HPG Home Screen- Filter by Ice Type, Station Count, Skill Level + Skills, Flow or Situational Drills
View Selected Drills & Add a Drill to Your Practice from Thumbnail or Full View
Press Play to View a Video of the Drill
Create a Practice, Sort Drills and Define Your Drill Duration
Add a Coaching Note to Your Saved Practice Plan
Share Your Practice Plan with Assistant Coaches, Players and Parents
Receive the Practice Plan & Copy into HPG to View
Don't See Your Favorite Drill ?... Send Us a Drill to Add