Hockey Practice Guide provides Hockey Coaches Multi-Station layout drills for hockey practices to maximize hockey player skills and coaching efficiency
Hockey Practice time is hard to come by and/ or
very expensive.
Provide your hockey coaches with the tools to be
  • For a few dollars per hockey player
  • Provide your coaching staff with the Hockey Practice Guide
    system to maximize effective and efficient player
    development and practice ice usage.  

A poorly run hockey practice is expensive... For a hockey
team with 50...  1 hour hockey practices in a season.
  • If 9 minutes per hockey practice are idle at $200 per hour
    that is equivalent to wasting $1500 or 7.5 extra hockey
  • Multiple $1500 by the number of hockey teams in your
    association... You can quickly see the opportunity!
  • If you pay more for ice, have longer hockey practices or
    more idle time the opportunity is even greater.
Idle/ Ice
3 min
6 min
9 min
12 min
15 min
60 minute practice
Hockey studies available on the Internet state ...
1 effective hockey practice is equal to 11 hockey
games in developing hockey player skills!

The average hockey player only has the puck for approx.
20 - 30  seconds in a hockey game.

Remember the 7.5 hockey practices you just found
above... That's equivalent to over 80 additional
hockey games in developing player skills!
Test: attend a few hockey practices with a stop watch and
time a player to see how active they are in a structured
drill vs waiting in line, stretching, listening to coach, etc.
from the time the Zamboni doors close until they open to
resurface the ice.

The largest cost component to most hockey programs.  
Whether your teams share the ice or have access to a
full sheet of ice..
  • It is important that the use of practice ice time is
    optimized to allow for maximum hockey player drill
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