Hockey Practice Guide provides Hockey Coaches Multi-Station drill layouts for hockey practices to maximize hockey player skills and coaching efficiency
Game Observations:
Loose Puck Game:
- The reaction of the closest player to the puck
determines whether your team is on offense or
- Does the closest player win the race to the
puck and protect it with their body?
- If your team loses the race, does your player
control the opponent's stick so they can't make
a play?
- Do your players use good technique so they
don't take unnecessary penalties?
- Do your players skate hard to free (open) ice
when they get the puck?

Offensive Game:
- Does everybody join the offensive attack?
- Does the puck carrier have at a minimum two
'safe' passing options?
- Do the players follow their pass by supporting
the new puck carrier and get open for a return
- Does your defense jump into the play to
provide more passing options?
- Are your players creating width and depth to
their attack?
- Are all three lanes being used in the attack?
- Is the attack staggered... Looking like a
triangle with the trailer in the slot?
- Do your players flow down and across the ice,
continually filling all the three lanes?
- Do your defense play staggered on offense?
- Are your players moving the puck to the weak
side for the shot?
- Does the pass receiver have a chance to make
a second play, or is there usually a turnover?
- Do your attacks end with a shot on net?  Note:
80% of goals are on a rebound or deflection.
- Are your players distracting the goalie,
crashing the net?
- Are the defense getting the puck on the net?

Defensive Game:
- Does the whole line defend when the
opponents have the puck?
- Does your defensive team take away the
- Are your players back checking hard?...
Beating their player back down the ice into the
defensive zone.
- Do the defense (all players) maintain a
position between the puck and your net?
- Does your team cover the potential passing
targets?... The most dangerous players.
- Does the closest player create immediate
pressure on the puck carrier?
- Does the defensive player steer the player
towards the boards?
- Does your team finish the check or turn away?
- Do the defense try to play the puck or the
player in front of our net?

Your teams’ ability to master the skills of
skating, passing, checking and stick handling
will be the foundation for your teams' success
in executing these critical areas of the game.
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