Hockey Practice Guide provides Hockey Coaches Multi-Station drill layouts for hockey practices to maximize hockey player skills and coaching efficiency
Win the Race to the Net:
A lot of players: watch the player with the
puck as they shoot and don’t skate hard to
the net and try to get there before the puck.

1. Create turmoil in front of the net.

2. Be a distraction to the goalie, get in the
way.  Be careful to avoid contact with the
goalie and stay out of the crease area.  
Otherwise, everything else is far game even
if the goalie does not think so.  

3. Avoid getting into the crease area... it
will result in a whistle and the face-off will
be outside of the zone.

4. Be prepared to take some physical abuse
as you stand there.  Don't retaliate; it's the
ref’s job to police what is too much.  Your
best reaction is to make sure your efforts
result in a goal!

5. Tip-ins are a great way to score by
altering the path of the initial shot.  The
goalie is set and focused on the shot.  By
changing the path of the puck the goalie has
to quickly adjust to the new path of the
Accomplish a tip-in by either standing
directly in the line of the shot... You should
have your back to the goalie with your legs
apart, stick on the ice, trying to alter the
angle of the shot as the puck passes
between your legs.  Another advanced tip-
in is to stand off to the side of the net so
the shooter can pass/shoot to your stick for
a tip-in.

Obviously the shot from the point needs to
be low.  If your defense is have a problem
keeping the shots down....

Run a practice with a station aimed at tip-
ins.  A quick way to get your message
across to keep the puck down from the
point is to have your defense practice the
tip-ins and have your forwards unload on
them from the point. Hint: stick follow
through determines the height of the puck...
Have the defense work on a low stick follow

6. Screens are a great way to provide a
distraction to the goalie and provide a
better chance of scoring.  By shooting when
there is someone between the shot and the
goalie you are decreasing the goalies ability
to react to the shot by reducing the time the
goalie sees the shot.  The shooter has to
work to make sure he does not hit the
player who is providing the screen.  Getting
the defense to back in on the goalie before
shooting provides an excellent opportunity
to shoot through a screen provided by the
defense.  Players creating traffic in front of
the net is also another great opportunity to
hid the puck from the goalie and provide a
quality scoring opportunity.
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