Hockey Practice Guide provides Hockey Coaches Multi-Station layout drills for hockey practices to maximize hockey player skills and coaching efficiency
House League
Each Practice Plan...
  • Starts with a full ice
  • Moves into multiple
    1/2 ice activities
  • (1 - 3 stations per page)
  • Ends with a cross ice
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Hockey Practice Guide
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Designed for House League Programs

  1. 20 Pre-planned Practices covering 60 minutes
  2. Structured...  Each age group is designed based on player
    attention span and drill complexity
  3. Up to 6 unique activity layouts per practice
  4. Organized to maximize ice usage and skill repetition
  5. Coach preparation time less than 2 minutes
  6. Ability to modify, customize... Blank laminated station layout
    provides 100s of station combinations
  7. No last minute panic!... Quickly adjust to the number of
    players, goalies, assistants, etc.

Hockey Practice Guide made it simple to arrive at the rink always
ready with a high quality hockey practice that provides your hockey
players with a structured and organized learning environment.