Hockey Practice Guide provides Hockey Coaches Multi-Station drill layouts for hockey practices to maximize hockey player skills and coaching efficiency
Add in the FUN!:
hockey practices...

While you are establishing your objectives for the
practice don’t forget the main reason players
participate is for enjoyment.

Fun can be incorporated into every aspect of your
A great drill is fun for the players while they work
on specific skills.
Games can be designed to incorporate
fundamental skills such as skating, puck
control and checking.

Here are some suggestions:
- beginning skaters can develop skating
skills through games like push ball, which forces
players to bend knees to move a ball using their
gloves, and kick ball, which allows players to
develop balance and agility by playing soccer on
ice.  Cross ice games are great... Use a ball or
have 2 games going on at the same time using
different color balls or pucks.

- skating skills can also be developed with games
like sharks and minnows, tag, British Bulldog, red
light/green light and relay races.

- players can enhance puck control skills through
games like 2on1 and 1on1 keep away.  These can
be modified by using different areas of the rink...
Inside a circle, below the hash marks, etc.

- players learning checking skills can practice
contain and control through games like dot to dot
tag, control the dot with and without a puck, and
crease tag.

The Hockey Practice Guides are full of XonX and
relay races to keep all your practices FUN while
developing key hockey skills.
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