Hockey Practice Guide provides Hockey Coaches Multi-Station drill layouts for hockey practices to maximize hockey player skills and coaching efficiency
Power Passing Position:
Are your players having trouble passing the
Check if the puck is in front of their skates
before they start the pass.  

For younger players to get any snap on
their passes they need to start the pass  
with puck even or behind their skates.  

If you see a puck being passed that is
wobbling and not very hard it is most likely
the player pushed their pass... That is

Get your players to pass like they are
shooting a wrist shot or backhand... With
the puck even or behind their skates to
initiate the pass.

A suggestion from Steve a coach with the
Carleton Place Minor Hockey Association:
have your players take a stride toward the
passing target and leave the puck where it
is before initiating the pass... Effectively
putting the players in a power passing
position with the puck behind their skates
before initiating the pass.

Make sure they finish the pass with the
stick blade pointing at the intended target
and not just whipped in the general
direction of their target.
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