Hockey Practice Guide provides Hockey Coaches Multi-Station drill layouts for hockey practices to maximize hockey player skills and coaching efficiency
Time to Practice:
Are you running a quality practice for your team?

A quality practice is built around these areas:
-planning what you want to achieve
- effective drills
- incremental learning... Have the players build on
learned skills
- observing... Are they getting the drill, are they
reinforcing proper technique
- motivating your players... Work to execute at
game speed so the skills will not fall apart when it
comes time to perform in a game

Steps to running a great practice:

1. Set specific objectives for practice.

2. Plan the practice with assistant coaches/ on ice
helpers and discuss with players before going on
the ice.

3. Begin with a proper warm-up, starting
with stretching in the dressing room don't waste
ice time on stretching!

4. Teach new skills and plays early in the practice
before players become tired.

5. Rotate the drills no longer that 12-15 minutes
for older players and 5-6 minutes for younger

6. Jump right into practice hit the ice organized
and moving right into the first drill.

7. After practice, you should evaluate its
effectiveness by getting feedback from
players and assistant coaches.

Here are more essential ingredients of a
quality practice:
- make FUN job #1...
- use all of the ice,
- keep players active and moving.
- give clear, concise instructions.
- give positive feedback to team and individuals.
- if required, don't forget to switch sides so
players execute from both sides.
- coaches invest in a stop watch to help manage
station rotations.
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