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Quick is Better than Hard:
A hard shoot is great but a quick shot is
better... I have never witnessed a puck
being shot through a goalie, so don't give
the goalie time to set and get in the way of
the shot.  

Quick shots are more effective in getting
the puck into the net.  

Practice quick shots off both feet.  A lot of
players can't shoot while skating in stride.  
They telegraph the fact they are about to
shoot by stopping their feet and gliding
before they shoot.  Keep your feet moving
right through the shot and learn to shoot off
both feet.

What is a quick shot?... A quick shot is a
shot that minimizes the time a goalie has to
set and react to a shot.
If you give the goalie time to prepare for
the shot it greatly increases the goalies
ability to stop your attempt.
If you shoot quickly the goalie is not set.  
The goalie may be: off balance, their stick is
off the ice, moving the wrong way, back in
the net to far, etc.

Weak-side ‘One-timers’ are a great example
of a quick effective shot.  The goalie is set
for the play on one side of the ice and the
puck is passed to the opposite side of the
ice and the player receiving the pass shoots
on net in one motion before letting the
goalie get set.
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