Hockey Practice Guide provides Hockey Coaches Multi-Station drill layouts for hockey practices to maximize hockey player skills and coaching efficiency
'Red' and 'Green' Zones:
Keep the game simple. If your players can
execute in these areas of the rink they will
be more successful.
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Defensive End
Offensive End
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Focus: get puck out, donít pass through this area or stick handle, players stay between the puck and the net, let the goalie see the puck, tie-up the other teamís players sticks
Focus: get the puck over the blue line, donít pass in this area, gain the neutral zone before passing
Focus: get the puck into the green zone (on the net), donít stickhandle, dump puck to corners if path to the green zone is blocked
Focus: get the puck into this zone with a shot on net, aim for netting not goalie, 80%+ of the goals are scored after the initial shot- crash the net for rebounds
Focus: if you can't get the puck into green zone 1 the next best place is to get the puck into this zone and out work the other team.  You have 2 options: into green zone 1 or back to the defense.