Hockey Practice Guide provides Hockey Coaches Multi-Station drill layouts for hockey practices to maximize hockey player skills and coaching efficiency
Wasted Opportunities:
should always end with a shot on net.  
Don't pass or skate yourself into the
Get the puck into the Scoring zone:

and get the shot off and on the net.  

rebound.  Only if your partner is wide
open... look to pass.  

Every time you have to pass and receive a
pass you are creating an opportunity to turn
the puck over.  It would be just your luck to
find that one bump in the ice and have the
puck hop over their stick.  

Move with speed… the opposition
defenseman will be trying to slow the rush
down to allow time for his teammates to
backcheck and provide support.  

If you are the defense and have successfully
steered the puck and puck carrier into the
corner… don’t follow the puck carrier into
the corner…  STOP in front of your net.  You
need to maintain a position between the
puck and the front of your net to protect
against a centering pass until your team can
get back and provide support.
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